Trip to Japan!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I have recently travelled to Japan to visit Tokyo for a cultural and learning experience.

Originally we traveled there for the Tokyo Marathon 2020, but sadly it was restricted to the elites so we decided to discover as many new places as possible.

I personally viewed this trip as a opportunity to learn cultural and musical traditions. I went to Tower Records to have a look at their wide variety of floors that were each dedicated to a nationality and their style of music. I enjoyed all the 9 floors as they were very thorough and had many new artists to discover and listen to.

I went to a traditional Shamisen performance with an orchestra in the Tokyo Opera City's concert hall. It was one of the most fascinating moments of the trip, the precision of the players and the synchronisation between each instrument was outstanding. I also enjoyed the concert hall its-self, it had a very sleek design to benefit the acoustics of the room and acoustic panels to deaden the sound in the space.

I travelled to the Cherry Blossom parks to see the early blossom, which was beautiful. Only a few trees were in bloom but they were very pretty.

I got to visit one of the most exiting digital art museums in the world at the moment. TeamLab Borderless which has a large selection of exhibitions that I wondered through. It is a very large space that has interactive as well as moving pieces. It was an experience I will never forget, such an amazing view of what technology can bring to the art industry.

My time in Tokyo was too short in my opinion I will definitely come back one day, maybe even live there! I found that everyone in Japan were polite, respectful and overall helpful. The culture itself was fascinating for me to see and be involved in, I would recommend to anyone who is querying going to Japan I would highly urge you to take a trip there!

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