Update on my current work!

Since March I have been quiet on here as COVID_19 swept the world and has stoped many of our plans.

Unfortunately my course at college ended 3 month early which was a shame as I have been doing many gigs a week which was developing my live experience skills. But, I understand it was necessary for the gravitas of this situation and I am glad my college took the precautions needed. I have been isolating and keeping as safe as I can be!

Since March I have been busy taking some online classes but sadly no gigs, it was not the same learning through a screen when all I want to do is get my hands stuck in with practical work. I was lucky to have some work I could complete at home.

So I have been mixing some pre-recorded gig stems and have mixed my favourites and I shall release an EP or an Album of each gig's songs. I have worked on them for some time so they should be released in the near future!

Also, I have been taking webinars from ChamSys Lighting Technicians on a guide to learning the Magic Q software. I have found it to be very useful, informative and free which was fortunate. The tutors where very kind and helpful with any quires and I would highly recommend these webinar courses to anyone who sees themselves working within the Lighting Technician roles. Each session was about an hour and a half but they packed in many topics to focus on.

I think that software lessons that are provided for free are always a good idea to sign up for!

I have picked up some non-musical hobbies in quarantine which has been a delight to discover.

I have come to love photography and finding places on my daily walks to take some photos to edit and publish, this has made me appreciate the scenic places around my town.

I also love filmography and creating my own little videos such as concise holiday compilation videos. Recently I have made one for when I traveled to Tokyo which was very different to many of the places I have fortunately been able to travel to. When I try to explain trips I find that videos like these sum up the whole experience in a short amount of time. Which is always delight to see visually and I enjoy editing footage into the timeline of a song.

I use Adobe Premier Pro to edit as I find it is the easiest to pick up for beginners like me! It has simple functions that you can learn in such a short amount of time and practise.

I find that the whole process of creating the videos from the: cutting, reorganising, adding transitions, making sure the video lines up with the audio/music, colour grading — is satisfying and making something that I think is considered art is enthralling.

I hope to release them but I am unsure if I will release them on this website! I will see...

I have spent this year finishing certain things I would have never got round to and I believe this has been a period for me to grow and develop. I hope next year will be more progressive in my path to the music industry.

I hope that anyone reading this has stayed safe and has enjoyed quarantine as much as they could!

Thank you for reading, have a good day!

Stay safe x

Lucy x

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